The beating heart of That Gorilla Brand is its love for adventure and doing good; it is embedded deep within the core of our being and powers everything we do and strive for.

Adventures for a cause

To unlock our true strength and reach our fullest capabilities, we constantly push ourselves; every challenge we embark on contains the seeds for growth and opportunity. Even our smallest efforts have the power for great change and everyone holds more potential than we realise - we can all make a difference with our actions. 

Our intrepid founder, Leo, started with his own small, personal challenge - he started running, even though he initially didn’t particularly like running. And on this seemingly small-scale human act, he had a transformative lightbulb moment - having witnessed the good that could be done at a grassroots level with The Gorilla Organization, Leo decided that he was going to run a marathon to raise money to start a clean water project for the communities living around the mountain gorilla’s habitat. And in that instant, the seed was planted for That Gorilla Brand’s Adventures For A Cause. 

Leo’s one marathon burgeoned into six fundraising adventures. To date, he has covered 3500 km, and all the funds he has raised from these challenges have gone into initiating, building and growing the Bwindi Community Water Project with The Gorilla Organization.

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