Our Ethos

That Gorilla Brand is a premium conservation lifestyle brand born through a deep rooted love of nature and the outdoors and a shared collective vision to do well by doing good. Through sheer grit, strength of spirit and everlasting energy we have grown That Gorilla Brand into a premium lifestyle brand that encompasses apparel, adventures and film.


That Gorilla Brand is a story that starts with gorillas....but it’s also about so much more. It is a story about uniting people and communities, about our changing climate and the conservation of our biodiverse world, and about the provision of essential clean water, education and empowerment to the humans who live in the neighbouring areas of the gorilla habitats.

At the heart of That Gorilla Brand lies adventure and curiosity, embedded in our DNA is integrity and honesty, built into our bones is resilience and unwavering strength. We lead with hope and everyone can be a part of our journey.

Our handprint

Our ‘raison d’être’ is to promote the preservation of the endangered mountain gorilla and the empowerment of the human populations who live nearby. We want to make a real and lasting difference by providing supreme quality lifestyle products, organising fundraising experiences and documenting them, all in aid of our cause. In doing so, we work hard behind the scenes to ensure our products, adventures and media are conducted and made responsibly.

How we make our products

We produce our stylish and innovative products with the primary purpose of giving back and doing good. Our designs and colour palettes are chosen to energise and excite our community; we work with socially and environmentally responsible manufacturers to produce products with care and consideration for their workers and our environment; we use premium-quality, robust and environmentally conscious materials so our products are durable and stand the test of time.

Renewable energy

RTG uses Portuguese energy that is 70% from renewable sources and it plans to install solar panels in the next year to generate 30% of its power


RTG only uses responsibly sourced water, which is only used in the restrooms and for drinking water. RTG also discards waste water responsibly

The manufacturing process in the fashion industry is so often hidden from customers, so showcasing this is something that is really important to us. Here we go behind the scenes of our manufacturer RTG in Porto, Portugal.

Casey, co-founder That Gorilla Brand

How we run our adventures and make our films

Every challenge we undertake for Adventures For A Cause and how we film them are delivered in a way that does no harm to the social and natural ecosystems we adventure through. In 2023 we will offset all flights we have taken to run and film our challenges with The Gorilla Organization’s own reforestation projects. These initiatives in Congo will help to preserve gorilla habitats, protect water systems and absorb carbon dioxide.

Our troop

When gorillas are in a group, they are often referred to as a troop. Our troop is our community of curious customers, adventure seekers, daring explorers, visionary filmmakers and tenacious athletes. 

That Gorilla Brand is making a positive impact and a lasting difference with the projects we have embarked on so far, but there is so much more we can do together to protect our world. We can all make a difference; we can buy products we believe in, we can run, we can watch a film and be inspired to take action. Whether you are a budding creative eager to channel your creative juices, an athlete who wants to take on an adventure, a filmmaker looking to set your lens on a motivating story, or a conscious consumer, you can help us further our impact. 

Whatever you choose, just know that all actions can provoke a change. At the heart of That Gorilla Brand lies adventure and curiosity; embedded in our DNA are integrity and honesty, and built into our bones are resilience and unwavering strength. We lead with hope, and everyone can join our journey.