MAJI is our feature length documentary, following Leo as he embarks on physical challenges around the world to raise money for clean water projects within the communities that surround the endangered mountain gorilla.


Water is life. But across the world, millions of people face the harsh realities of a developing global water crisis. ‘MAJI’ (meaning water in Swahili) is our first feature length documentary. It embarks on a transformative journey alongside our founder Leo Gripari, who inspired by this issue and the real need for water in Uganda, undertook 5 physical challenges around the world to raise funds for sustainable water projects in the communities surrounding Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, home to the endangered mountain gorilla.  As Leo’s journey unfolds, you will encounter profound experiences of experts, local communities and groups all fighting to protect water.  From the ecological impact of melting glaciers in Iceland to the social, cultural and political ramifications of water scarcity and degradation in Nepal & Jordan, MAJI weaves together personal narratives and expert insights to create a captivating exploration of this shared global issue. 

Watch the trailer below and stay tuned for further information!