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Get To Know: Leo Gripari

Get To Know .... our founder, Leo on childhood passions, life advice and gratitude.
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Where were you born?

Wimbledon, London

How did you come to settle and raise your family in Athens?

I have Greek roots; both my parents are from Greece, and i spent every summer here growing up.


Growing up, what kind of things did you like to do when you weren’t in school?

I loved skating, biking and snowboarding. And I loved books on UFOs and planets!


What did you do after you left school?

I worked in all sorts of jobs, saving money to travel the world - I did food delivery, and I was a waiter and bartender. I also spent a season in Whistler to become a certified snowboard instructor.


Did you feel an affinity with any particular animal or place as a child?

Growing up, I loved lions (I’m also a Leo star sign!) and I was fascinated by apes. I also loved watching nature documentaries.


As wildlife conservation and environmental action become more urgent and essential in our world, has your life at home changed at all?

After all my visits to Uganda and seeing the lack of access to safe water, I am much more conscious of what it means to have the privilege of having simple things like clean water on tap on a daily basis for myself and my children. It’s an awareness I didn’t have before because I never had to think about it.


What advice would you give your 10-year-old self? I would tell him to never forget the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and continue to enjoy the outdoors. I would also advise me to be more open and talk about my feelings and not bottle things up.


For the most recent Adventures For A Cause challenge you trekked the Kanab Creek Wilderness; what was in the forefront of your mind while you were doing it?

I was full of gratitude, feeling how fortunate we are to experience this kind of adventure for a good cause. We get to create lifelong memories and build on friendships with the group while creating positive impact.


AFAC has been such an effective and active way to fundraise for your projects. What would you love to see happen for the future of these challenges?

I would love to see our community grow, challenge by challenge, and continue to have a positive impact on the communities we are focussing on in Uganda.


What book are you reading at the moment?

Walking With Gorillas, by Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka


What is one documentary you’ve watched that you have loved?

I love Brian Cox and his docs on the planets and our Universe.


What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Having a healthy family, being productive and having serenity.


What do you value most in your friends?



What is your motto?

If you believe in something, give it everything you’ve got to make it succeed.