About Us

That Gorilla Brand is a story that starts with gorillas....but it’s also about so much more. It is a story about uniting people and communities, about our changing climate and the conservation of our biodiverse world, and about the provision of essential clean water, education and empowerment to the humans who live in the neighbouring areas of the gorilla habitats. This holistic, all encompassing approach to the safeguarding of the mountain gorilla and the preservation and protection of the local human communities will be our legacy.

There are just over 1000 mountain gorillas left in the wild and they all reside in the mountainous forests of neighbouring Uganda, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The majestic great ape is the real treasure of this land, much more beautiful than oil or gold but also much more scarce. The exploitation of this resource rich region threatens their existence.

Launched in Athens by our intrepid founders, Leo and Casey, That Gorilla Brand was born through a deep rooted love of nature and the outdoors and a shared collective vision to do well by doing good. Through sheer grit, strength of spirit and everlasting energy they have grown That Gorilla Brand into a kick-arse, all empowering, incredible force of a premium lifestyle brand that encompasses fashion, adventure and film. As the biggest gorilla conservation lifestyle brand in the world we are making a real difference and our impact can be felt in all corners of the globe.

Dedicated stockists who fully support our ethos and projects carry our premium apparel worldwide. Committed consumers across the globe who steadfastly want to make a difference, do so by purchasing our luxury sportswear range.

We embark on fundraising ultra marathons in all-weather terrains, from the snow covered peaks of Nepal to the arid deserts of Jordan. Leo has already covered 3000kms in training so far and has scaled the Mount Olympus Ascent (the highest peak in the Balkans), run a solo marathon over the glaciers of Iceland and traversed the Grand Canyon in the 100km Rim to Rim to Rim challenge.

Our films document both our Adventure For Causes quests around the world and also chronicle our holistic ecological enterprises. Our current pledge is to provide the neighbouring human communities with easily accessible and clean drinking water. We have so far completed five water projects in the region, meaning that around 5000 people in these villages have improved access to safe drinking water. This in turn allows them to make a living or pursue an education without having to disturb the gorilla habitats.

Through all these ventures That Gorilla Brand has so far raised 175,000 Euros towards our continuing pursuit for the restoration of biodiversity. Imagine what we can do as a collective if we gathered our own That Gorilla Brand troop!

Our fundraising initiatives continue to grow as we unceasingly strive to increase our impact and double the difference we can make. We only partner with content creators and distributors who share our same values and who are as adventurous as we are in taking the leap into the world of biodiversity conservation. That Gorilla Brand is making a lasting difference with the projects we have embarked on so far, but there is so much more we can do to protect our world. We can all make a difference - we can buy a new t-shirt, we can run, we can watch a film and be inspired to take action. Whether you are a budding creative eager to channel your creative juices, an athlete who wants to take on an adventure, a film maker looking to set your lens on a motivating story or a fashion conscious streetwear lover, you can help us further our impact - let’s move out of our comfort zones with demanding ambitions, challenging adventures and spunky resilience. This is when we realise we can all do stuff we didn’t think possible. Protecting our world is linked inextricably with hope, empowerment and opportunity. So come and join our troop in the guardianship of our biodiverse world, for the health and well being of future generations.

At the heart of That Gorilla Brand lies adventure and curiosity, embedded in our DNA is integrity and honesty, built into our bones is resilience and unwavering strength. We lead with hope and everyone can be a part of our journey.


We'd like to let you know we will donate €2 per item to The Gorilla Organization