On the 22nd of March, we marked World Water Day 2023 with a gathering of environmental enthusiasts, nature lovers, adventure seekers, industry innovators, friends and family to launch the trailer of our new feature documentary, Maji. Maji (meaning ‘water’ in Swahili) is our first feature-length film and a project close to our hearts. It documents the current global water crisis and the efforts of conservation experts from around the world. It also follows Leo on his first five Adventures For A Cause endurance challenges as he raises awareness and money for our ever-evolving community-led safeguarding initiatives for the communities of Uganda.
Maji Event
The evening was held at The Nest in the Treehouse Hotel in London and was hosted by the renowned BAFTA-winning wildlife cinematographer and natural history filmmaker Sophie Darlington. Sophie led the event with a series of insightful and thoughtful conversations with Leo and Casey, our founders, Jillian Miller, the Executive Director of The Gorilla Organization, and Charli Doherty, the director of Maji. It was an opportunity to hear about their inspiring work addressing one of the world’s most vital environmental challenges today and delve behind the scenes to see how the film was made.
Sophie Darlington, Leo & Casey

Casey, Sophie Darlington & Leo
Water is a consistent and central theme in all our community-led conservation efforts. It is the great unifier of life, vital for survival and renewal, and a lifeline for those who live with its scarcity; providing clean, accessible water and healthy sanitation is the key to opening the doors of opportunity, education, empowerment and freedom for these communities. This film leads with hope; it shows how this worldwide water emergency will ultimately be solved not all at once on a global scale but steadily if we can help on a community, grassroots level. We hope that Maji will inspire people to be a part of this global effort to repair our planet. Water is essential for life, and Maji is the natural progression of That Gorilla Brand’s unfolding story.
Maji will be out on global release later this year.