In commemoration of World Wildlife Day 2024, That Gorilla Brand is proud to release a short documentary film, Inspiring Impact. 

Every year, March 3rd marks the United Nations World Wildlife Day (WWD), a global day to celebrate our planet’s exquisite wildlife and acknowledge the vital importance of wildlife conservation. People around the world, everywhere, every day, rely on wildlife and natural resources to meet their needs, from food to fuel, energy, housing, medicines and clothing. Continuous worldwide conservation efforts are crucial to protect and preserve our world’s ecosystems and wildlife for future generations.

In commemoration of WWD2024, That Gorilla Brand is proud to release a short documentary film, Inspiring Impact. Now available for viewing, this film highlights our environmental and community-led conservation efforts, aiming to inspire people to make a positive difference to the natural world around them.

The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) is abundant with biodiverse richness and wonders, a vibrant ecosystem filled with precious wildlife. As one of Uganda’s oldest and most biologically diverse rainforests, the BINP dates back over 25,000 years old and contains almost 400 species of plants, around 120 types of mammals, 350 species of birds, over 60 species of reptiles and amphibians, and at least 200 different kinds of butterflies. It is also home to around 459 mountain gorillas, about half the world’s population.

The power of community-led conservation is immense and far-reaching. For the people living around the BINP, empowering them with new knowledge and skills for living an independent and sustainable way of life that doesn’t depend on forest resources keeps the mountain gorilla and other wildlife habitats peaceful and safe. Conservation initiatives guided by local communities, such as the installation of clean water systems by That Gorilla Brand and the establishment of demo farms and beekeeping schools by The Gorilla Organization to teach agricultural and beekeeping management, foster independence, confidence and responsibility, and encourage the local human populations to flourish and thrive.

 It wasn’t that many decades ago that the mountain gorilla was on the brink of extinction, with less than 400 remaining worldwide and its survival in serious doubt. Today, through dedicated community-led conservation efforts, the number of mountain gorillas has increased to around 1,063, declassifying this magnificent creature from critically endangered to endangered. There is still much to be done to ensure their survival, but it is important today to recognise and celebrate this immense progress.

If we continue to empower people through education and inspire the next generations to make impactful decisions for preserving our natural world, the cycle of conservation and regeneration can continue to grow. By nurturing the people, we can protect the majestic mountain gorilla.