That Gorilla Brand presents 'The Hearts of Bwindi'. - THAT GORILLA BRAND

That Gorilla Brand presents 'The Hearts of Bwindi'.

The Hearts Of Bwindi: A Documentary Short presented by That Gorilla Brand in partnership with The Uganda Wildlife Authority and The Gorilla Organization.
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Monday 31st July marks World Ranger Day, a global day of recognition for these brave, dedicated and genuinely remarkable conservation lionhearts.  In order to celebrate the tireless work they do for the protection of our earth’s animals, plants and natural habitats, our TGB film crew stayed on in Uganda after our Adventures For A Cause challenge #6, the ultra marathon, in order to film the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (BINP) rangers as they go about their daily tasks, working tirelessly with an unfailing commitment to protect the mountain gorillas and preserve the neighbouring wildlife and surrounding environment.  This film gives us just a glimpse of their passion, dedication and allegiance to nature within the BINP.

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