New collection - Maji - THAT GORILLA BRAND

New collection - Maji

That Gorilla Brand launches new collection - Maji

Water unites the world. Every life form relies on it to survive and thrive - we need it to drink, cook, wash, bathe and cleanse; our bodies need it to carry essential nutrients and oxygen in, flush waste and toxins out, regulate our internal body temperatures and protect our internal organs and joints from damage; communities need it for maintaining the health of their people through improved hygiene and sanitation; nations need it to feed their populations, irrigating crops and nurturing livestock; our world needs it for all this to exist. Water IS life.

Accessible clean water is a lifeline for many people - it can transform lives with the gift of freedom and time, economic prosperity, education and empowerment. With more time available for work and school, families can lift themselves out of poverty, increase literacy and improve the health of future generations. Water is the key to unlocking these doors of opportunity currently closed to many communities living around the gorilla habitats.

Water has been a recent theme in our community-led conservation projects. By helping to make clean water readily available to these villages, we are protecting the gorillas and their precious habitats. And so, as a subject so dear to us, we have named our fifth collection "Maji", the Swahili word for water.

Our Maji collection spans a striking palette that reflects the constant movement of water. Fresh water is never stagnant, it catches the light as it ebbs and flows, and its colours constantly change in its fluidity. Shades of cobalt, teal and lilac are the hues that highlight "Maji".

The "Premium" collection is a set that comes in a vibrant cobalt blue and is cut for an oversized fit. The hoody, with its matching joggers and shorts all feature the full, discreetly embroidered "TGB" logo. The "G" collection comes in a deep vivid teal and a refreshing pastel lilac. These coordinating sets are 3D printed with our "G" logo. All hoodies as always have our iconic gorilla emblem embroidered on the sleeve.

Our t-shirts are made from 100% organic cotton, pre-washed for softness and colourfastness, and available in adult and children’s sizes. The Mini Original Gorilla T-shirts come in the Maji palette of blue, teal and lilac, all with our gorilla logo embroidered on the chest.

Our latest collaboration with the artist James Goldcrown features amongst other items, his distinctive heart designs on the pockets of our classic white t-shirts and our range of swimming trunks. Our Emerging Gorilla t-shirt for this collection is by Katherine Hamilton and Naomi Davis, the winners of the 2022 competition we held with the University of East London’s students of Design and Marketing.

As always, this collection is produced in Portugal by RTG, who use the highest quality organic cotton for optimum comfort and robust wearing and who adopt high ethical and moral standards for the working conditions of their staff.

The sale of every item helps to fund all of the community led conservation efforts of The Gorilla Organization. Another recent project close to our hearts, and funded by our Adventures For A Cause initiative has been to initiate, build and grow the Bwindi Community Water Project in Uganda in partnership with The Gorilla Organization.

For every item sold in our collections, we donate at least €2 to The Gorilla Organization, with an additional 10% on top of this for all items sold from our collaboration with the artist, James Goldcrown. 100% of profits from the sales of our Emerging Gorilla series go to The Gorilla Organization.

Water is the driving force of all nature.

- Leonardo Da Vinci

Water is integral for existence itself, and our "Maji" collection is the natural progression of That Gorilla Brand’s unfolding story.